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Declining Engagement: Tracking Firms Report Meta Threads' Drop-off Since its Red-Hot Debut

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Threads, Meta's New Social Media Platform, Sees a Drop in User Engagement

Significant Decline in User Engagement

According to data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb, Threads, Meta's new Twitter competitor, has experienced a decline in user engagement since its launch. The platform saw a drop of approximately 20% in daily active users and a 50% decrease in the time spent by users on the app. These early indicators suggest that it will be a challenge for Threads to establish itself in users' social network routines, despite its integration with Instagram and the backing of Meta. The platform will need to offer a more compelling value proposition to attract and retain users.

Similar Trends in Usage

Similarweb's data also revealed similar trends, showing a drop-off of more than 25% in daily active users and more than a 50% decrease in usage time. The average time spent on the app by U.S. users dropped from approximately 20 minutes to just over 8 minutes. Although there was initial interest in Threads, not all users have made it a habit to visit the app as frequently as other social media apps.

Threads' Features and Purpose

Threads made headlines with its Instagram sign-up integration, algorithmic feed, and positive sentiment from advertisers. However, the head of Instagram and Threads at Meta, Adam Mosseri, has made it clear that the platform does not prioritize news or politics. While politics and hard news may still appear on Threads, the focus is not on encouraging those verticals. This distinction may make Threads less appealing as a direct replacement for power users of Twitter.

Potential to Compete with Twitter

Despite its decline in user engagement, Threads has the potential to attract significant usage away from Twitter. Early indicators show that when Threads experienced peak activity, web traffic on Twitter was down approximately 5%. As the Threads app team continues to add missing features like hashtags and topical search, it could become a formidable competitor to Twitter.

In conclusion, Threads' initial sign-up boom has tapered off, and user engagement has declined since its launch. The platform will need to address these challenges to establish itself as a prominent social media app. However, it still has the potential to compete with Twitter and attract a significant user base, especially with the backing of Meta and its integration with Instagram.

Concluding Thoughts: Implications for New Businesses

Threads, Meta's new social media platform, has experienced a significant decline in user engagement since its launch. This decline, characterized by a drop in daily active users and a decrease in the time spent on the app, raises concerns about the platform's ability to establish itself in users' social network routines. For new businesses looking to enter the social media space, Threads' challenges serve as a valuable lesson.

First and foremost, offering a compelling value proposition is crucial. Despite its integration with Instagram and the backing of Meta, Threads has struggled to attract and retain users. This highlights the importance of providing a unique and compelling offering that captivates the target audience and differentiates the platform from established competitors.

Secondly, user habits and engagement are paramount. Although Threads initially generated interest, it failed to solidify its position as a frequent destination for users. New businesses entering the social media landscape must focus on creating habits and encouraging active user engagement to avoid falling into a similar pattern.

Lastly, understanding the target audience and their preferences is vital. While Threads received positive sentiment from advertisers, its differentiation as a platform that does not prioritize news or politics may limit its appeal to power users who rely on those features. Identifying the specific needs and desires of the target market is crucial in creating a product that resonates with users and encourages continued engagement.

Overall, the decline in user engagement experienced by Threads underscores the challenges faced by new businesses in the competitive social media realm. By offering a compelling value proposition, fostering user habits, and understanding the target audience, new ventures can navigate these challenges and increase their chances of success in capturing user engagement and establishing a prominent presence in the market.

Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/13/meta-threads-engagement-has-dropped-off-sensor-tower-similarweb.html

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