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Could This Automaker Secure a Tesla Supercharger Deal? Analysts Weigh In

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Stellantis Tipped as the Next Automaker to Partner with Tesla for Supercharger Network Use

Stellantis in Talks with Tesla

Stellantis, the European automotive company that owns renowned brands like Maserati, Peugeot, and Chrysler, is likely the next company to partner with Tesla to use its supercharger network, as per RBC analyst Tom Narayan. The deal would follow similar agreements Tesla has signed with General Motors and Ford. Supercharger stations allow cars to recharge their batteries at 100kW or more, which is about 14 times faster than charging them through conventional wall outlets at home.

Rising Tide of EVs

Collaborating with Tesla could boost the adoption of electric cars by providing better access to charging infrastructure. Narayan perceives it as a rising tide lifting all boats, which implies upgrading the charging infrastructure, further encouraging more people to buy electric cars and leading to an increase in demand for EVs, benefitting all automakers involved.

Unclear Association with Ford and GM

Narayan stated that the terms of the agreement were the same for both Ford and General Motors, and they were essentially unclear, as it does not make sense why it would have been Ford and GM and not Stellantis.  

Benefits and Impact on Tesla

Opening access to Tesla’s reliable charging infrastructure throughout the U.S. would significantly help to overcome most of the significant hurdles to EV adoption: range anxiety – the fear of running out of battery charge before reaching a charging station. Narayan also believes that such partnerships with Tesla could establish a new standard in the automotive industry.

These agreements show that Tesla is less concerned about losing its customers to other EV makers and more focused on attracting potential customers who are still buying gas-powered vehicles such as the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

Expected Outcomes and Set Standards

Narayan also forecasts other automakers signing agreements with Tesla in the United States that would serve as a precedent for smaller producers to comply with the charging standard, resulting in the Tesla charging standard worldwide.

Additionally, analysts predict the costs involved in transitioning to Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) would likely be insignificant. Considering the benefits of aligning with Tesla's supercharger infrastructure, more global automakers will follow in agreement with Tesla.

Prospects with European Market

Narayan expects that more European producers would follow in partnership, particularly Germany’s luxury automakers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and potentially Volkswagen, as the U.S. is one of their most important markets. Since November 2021, Tesla has opened its supercharger network to non-Tesla cars in Europe, Australia, and China.
The partnership between Stellantis and Tesla could signal an era of collaboration in the EV industry. This move could help Stellantis to better position itself in the rapidly-growing EV market while benefiting from Tesla's supercharger infrastructure. For a new business looking to enter the EV industry, this collaboration highlights the importance of finding allies in the industry. With the rising tide of EVs, businesses entering the market will need to find ways to collaborate with established players to gain a foothold and maximize their potential. By partnering with Tesla, Stellantis is opening up access to a reliable and established charging network. As more automakers, including smaller producers, join in agreement with Tesla, the Tesla charging standard could become the industry norm worldwide. This shift could present an opportunity for new businesses looking to establish themselves in the EV industry. By aligning with the Tesla standard, they could position themselves to be part of a growing network that sets the standard for the entire industry. You can explore more our other blog post on J.D. Power Reports: Electric Vehicle Brands Struggle as New Technologies Impact Car Quality

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