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"Corvex Management's Bold Moves: New Major Investment in Drugmaker and Increased Utility Stake"

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Corvex Management's Strategic Moves: New Investments and Increased Utility Stake

New Position in Catalent and Knife River

Corvex Management, led by Keith Meister, made significant investment moves in the last quarter. One notable move was the big bet on drugmaker Catalent, with a new position amounting to approximately $246 million. This investment makes Catalent the second largest holding in Corvex's portfolio as of June. Despite underperforming in 2023, with a rise of less than 1% compared to the S&P 500's 16% increase, Corvex sees potential in Catalent's future. Another new position taken by Corvex is in Knife River, a construction materials and contracting company. With a holding of $110.3 million, Knife River is now the seventh largest position in Corvex's portfolio. This investment is likely the result of a spin-off, as Knife River recently separated from MDU Resources, which is the third largest holding in Corvex. Knife River has shown strong performance, with a growth of over 17% this quarter, while MDU Resources has seen a modest increase of about 1.7%.

Other New Positions and Meister's Background

In addition to Catalent and Knife River, Corvex Management also took new positions in Adobe Systems and World Wrestling Entertainment. These strategic moves demonstrate Corvex's diversified investment approach. Keith Meister, the founder of Corvex Management, was a protege of renowned corporate raider Carl Icahn and previously served as the CEO of Icahn's firm. This background in activism and strategic investing has influenced Corvex's approach to portfolio management.

Doubling Down on Southwest Gas and Adjusting Utility Holdings

While Corvex does not have a specific sector focus, it has the highest exposure to utilities. One notable move in the utility sector was Corvex's decision to double down on Southwest Gas. Southwest Gas is a utility company serving customers in parts of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Corvex increased its stake in Southwest Gas by 125%, reaching approximately $131.1 million. This investment now holds the fifth-largest position in Corvex's portfolio. On the other hand, Meister reduced his exposure to other utilities such as Constellation Energy and Algonquin Power by 59% and 31% respectively. Despite the decrease in holdings, Constellation Energy and Algonquin Power remain Meister's ninth and tenth largest holdings, indicating a continued interest in the utility sector. In conclusion, Corvex Management's recent investment moves highlight their strategic approach to portfolio management. The new positions in Catalent, Knife River, Adobe Systems, and World Wrestling Entertainment demonstrate their diversification strategy. Additionally, the focus on Southwest Gas and adjustments in other utility holdings reflect Corvex's emphasis on the utility sector.

Implications for New Businesses

Corvex Management's strategic investment moves provide valuable insights for new businesses. The firm's significant investments in Catalent and Knife River, despite their varying performance, underscore the potential of the pharmaceutical and construction sectors.

Pharmaceutical and Construction Sectors

The success of Corvex's investment in Catalent, despite its underperformance, highlights the potential of the pharmaceutical sector. New businesses in this sector can take cues from this trend, focusing on long-term potential rather than short-term performance. Similarly, Corvex's investment in Knife River, a construction materials and contracting company, indicates the potential of the construction sector. Despite being a result of a spin-off, the investment has shown strong performance, suggesting that new businesses in this sector can benefit from strategic partnerships and spin-offs.
Portfolio Diversification and Sector Focus
Corvex's strategic trimming of utility holdings and diversification of their portfolio indicate the importance of balancing investments and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. For new businesses, this could mean exploring diverse revenue streams and staying agile to adapt to market trends. In conclusion, Corvex Management's investment strategies offer a "hot take" on the potential of the pharmaceutical and construction sectors, providing valuable insights for new businesses navigating these sectors. By understanding these trends and adapting accordingly, new businesses can position themselves for success in a competitive market.
Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/15/corvex-bets-on-drugmaker-catalent-builds-stake-in-southwest-gas.html
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