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"Continued Upward Trend: Home Prices Increase for Fourth Consecutive Month in May"

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"Steady Growth: May Sees Fourth Consecutive Month of Rising Home Prices"

The housing market in the United States continues to show signs of strength, with home prices rising for the fourth consecutive month in May. Despite facing steep mortgage rates, prices increased by 1.2% nationally on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index. On an annual basis, prices are down just 1% from their peak in June 2022. Craig Lazzara, the managing director at S&P DJI, stated that "the rally in U.S. home prices continued in May 2023." He also noted that the breadth and strength of May's report are consistent with an optimistic view of future months. However, there were significant discrepancies in price gains among the 20 cities included in the index. Chicago saw the highest annual gain at 4.6%, followed by Cleveland with a gain of 3.9% and New York with a gain of 3.5%. On the other hand, cities on the West Coast, such as Seattle and San Francisco, experienced significant declines in home prices, with Seattle prices plummeting by 11.3% and San Francisco seeing an 11% decline. Lazzara commented on these regional differences, stating that this month's report shows the "revenge of the Rust Belt," as cities like Chicago, Cleveland, and New York were the top performers. He also acknowledged that this seems like an unusual occurrence. It's important to note that the Case-Shiller index reports with a two-month delay, so it may not capture the latest happenings in the market. However, it does provide valuable insights into the overall trends and direction of home prices. The housing market has been sensitive to changes in mortgage rates, and last year, it entered a deep freeze following the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest-rate hike campaign. However, buyers have since adjusted to higher mortgage rates and have dealt with limited inventory, leading to early signs of the housing market stirring back to life. Currently, rates on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage are hovering around 6.78%, well above the rate recorded one year ago and the pre-pandemic average. Despite these higher rates, sentiment in the housing market has been steadily rising, with the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index reaching its highest reading since June 2022. The lack of resale inventory has driven consumer demand for new homes, as prospective buyers who have not been priced out of the market continue to seek out new construction. This trend has contributed to the strength of the housing market and is likely to continue as the inventory shortage persists. Overall, the housing market in the United States remains resilient, with home prices showing consistent growth despite steep mortgage rates. While there are regional differences in price gains, the market as a whole is optimistic about future months. As buyers adapt to higher rates and inventory challenges, the housing market is expected to continue its upward trajectory. Conclusion: Implications for a Newly Formed LLC in the Housing Market The ongoing strength of the housing market in the United States presents both opportunities and challenges for a newly formed LLC operating in this sector. On one hand, the continued rise in home prices indicates a robust demand for housing, which can be advantageous for a business involved in real estate development, property investment, or related services. The steady growth in prices despite high mortgage rates suggests that buyers are adapting to the cost of borrowing, indicating a resilient market that can support new ventures. However, it is important for a newly formed business to navigate the regional disparities in price gains. While cities like Chicago, Cleveland, and New York have experienced significant annual gains, others like Seattle and San Francisco have seen declines in home prices. Understanding these regional nuances and tailoring business strategies accordingly will be crucial for success. Additionally, the lack of resale inventory and the rising demand for new homes present opportunities for a new LLC involved in new construction. Consumers who have not been priced out of the market continue to seek out new homes, creating a niche market for businesses catering to this demand. However, limited inventory and potential supply chain constraints may pose challenges that need to be addressed. Overall, a newly formed LLC entering the housing market must be mindful of the current trends and dynamics. Adapting to higher mortgage rates, targeting regions with growth potential, and capitalizing on the demand for new construction could position the business for success. Staying informed about market trends, consumer preferences, and economic indicators will be instrumental in seizing opportunities and navigating challenges that arise in this constantly evolving market. Original Article First Published at: https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/home-prices-rose-fourth-straight-month-may

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