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Concealing 'Hush Trips' from the Boss: A Look at Creative Measures Taken by these Workers

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"Hush Trips" Becoming More Popular Among Remote Workers

Why Workers Keep Their Trips Secret

More and more remote workers are taking "hush trips," in which they travel while keeping their location a secret from their employers. Many workers choose to keep quiet about these trips to avoid productivity concerns and tax implications from their employers. However, some workers keep their trips on the down-low for different reasons. One worker from Singapore, named Alicia, said that she chooses to keep her trips a secret from her employer because she doesn't want to go through the process of applying for remote working approval. Additionally, she doesn't want to use her paid time off for vacation days.

How Workers Do It

Those who go on "hush trips" say that it is relatively easy to pull off. For example, Alicia—who has visited several places in Asia without telling her employer—keeps it simple by blurring her video call backgrounds or using a virtual background to hide her location. Similarly, Ellie, a digital marketer from Maryland, recommends using background filters for Zoom calls and checking Wi-Fi and mobile phone services before booking a trip to avoid any hiccups.

Challenges Workers Face

Despite many remote workers being successful with their “hush trips,” several challenges come with them. These include internet connectivity issues and attending meetings. The importance of honest communication between employees and employers and ensuring an environment where team members can be open about their travel is essential for any successful team. Workers who get leeway over their workcations should follow common sense guidelines while away.

New Employer Policies

Some workers are lucky enough to have employers who support their travels and allow them to work overseas. Unlike Alicia, who took multiple trips without her employer knowing, an executive from Singapore says his new employer encourages traveling while remaining on the clock. The executive says he and many of his colleagues travel between Singapore and Malaysia on a weekly basis.

The Bottom Line

While "hush trips" can be a quick and easy escape, it's not an ideal practice for keeping employees and employers on the same page. Having honest communication and creating supportive work policies for work-related travel can help employees be more productive, engaged, and honest about their travels.
It's no secret that the rise of remote work has led to new trends and practices in the workplace. One such trend, "hush trips," has emerged as a popular way for remote workers to travel while keeping their locations hidden from their employers. While this practice may seem appealing to some employees, there are several challenges that come with it.

For new businesses, it's important to understand the potential impact that "hush trips" could have on their company culture and productivity. Encouraging open and honest communication between employees and employers and creating clear policies around work-related travel can help to prevent miscommunications and improve productivity.

Businesses that support work-related travel, whether domestic or international, can benefit from this trend by creating flexible policies around remote work and supporting their employees' work-life balance. At the same time, it's essential to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities and that their employers can contact them when needed.

While "hush trips" may be a popular trend among remote workers, they also come with potential challenges for both employers and employees. By creating an open and supportive work environment, businesses can help to foster an engaged and productive team, whether employees are working from home or traveling the world.

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