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Calmer Streets: Decreased Arrests Signal Ease in Tensions in France

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Arrests Made in Connection to Riots Rocking France Following Teenager's Death

Decrease in Arrests Offers Relief to Macron's Government

The interior ministry reported that fewer than 160 people were arrested overnight in connection to the riots that have been occurring in cities across France. These riots were sparked by the killing of a teenager by a police officer. The calm that has followed five nights of heavy riots has provided some relief to the government of Emmanuel Macron. The government has been striving to regain control of the situation, especially after facing widespread protests over an unpopular pension reform just a few months ago.

Last Friday, over 700 arrests were made, but that number decreased to 157 overnight. This is a positive development for the government as it demonstrates a decline in the intensity of the riots. The calmness in the streets offers hope for a resolution, considering the extensive damage that has already been inflicted on the country.

Injuries & Damages Reported by the Interior Ministry

According to the interior ministry, three police officers were injured during the clashes with rioters. It is unclear how severe these injuries are, but it is unfortunate that the police, who aim to maintain law and order, have also suffered consequences during these disturbances. Additionally, the ministry reported that around 350 buildings and 300 vehicles were damaged as a result of the riots. These provisional figures highlight the extent of the destruction caused by the ongoing unrest.

Plea from the Grandmother of the Teenager Shot Dead by Police

The grandmother of the teenager who was shot dead by a police officer during a traffic stop in a Paris suburb made a heartfelt plea to put an end to the nationwide rioting. She expressed her desire for peace and an end to the violence that has been sparked by her grandson's tragic death. Her words carry significant weight, as she directly calls for an end to the unrest that has led to the destruction of property and posed a threat to public safety.

The riots have escalated since the killing last Tuesday, with rioters engaging in acts of arson, looting stores, and targeting various properties, including the home of a Paris suburb's mayor. The mayor's residence was attacked while his family was inside, adding another layer of fear and vulnerability to the situation. The grandmother's plea resonates strongly as the riots have caused significant damage and have disrupted the peace of many communities across France.


The decrease in arrests made overnight provides a glimmer of hope for the government as it strives to regain control of the situation. However, the lasting effects of the riots are evident in the significant damage to buildings and vehicles. The plea from the grandmother of the teenager highlights the emotional toll and urgency to restore peace in the country. It is crucial that measures are taken to address the underlying issues and prevent further violence and destruction from occurring.

Hot Take: Impact on New Businesses

The ongoing riots in France following the death of a teenager are not only a cause for concern for the government and the affected communities but also for businesses, particularly new ones trying to establish themselves in the affected areas. The violence, looting, and destruction of property have disrupted normal business operations and created an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear. This situation is likely to have a negative impact on new businesses in several ways:

1. Decreased Foot Traffic

With the riots leading to damaged infrastructure and reduced public safety, people will be hesitant to venture out into the affected areas. This decrease in foot traffic will dampen the potential customer base for new businesses and make it challenging to generate sales and attract new customers.

2. Economic Instability

The riots have caused significant damage to buildings and vehicles, resulting in economic losses for businesses and individuals. This instability in the local economy can make potential investors and entrepreneurs cautious about investing in new ventures, fearing a lack of market stability and long-term viability.

3. Rebuilding Costs

New businesses that have already set up shop in the affected areas may face the additional burden of rebuilding or repairing their premises. The costs associated with rebuilding and refurbishing can strain the limited resources of new businesses and hinder their growth and profitability.

4. Negative Public Perception

The unrest and violence associated with the riots can create a negative perception of the affected areas among the public. This negative perception can deter potential customers from visiting or supporting new businesses in these areas, further impeding their growth and success.

In Summary

The riots in France have created a challenging environment for new businesses, with decreased foot traffic, economic instability, rebuilding costs, and negative public perception as key concerns. It is essential for the government and local authorities to take swift actions to restore peace and security, in order to create a conducive environment for new businesses to thrive and contribute to the recovery of the affected communities.

Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/03/tensions-on-frances-streets-ease-arrests-on-sunday-night-down.html

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