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Bastrop Chamber of Commerce Announces Casa of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties' Participation in Stand Sunday alongside Churches Nationwide

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Joining Forces: CASA of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties Joins Churches in Stand Sunday

A Community United for Vulnerable Children

CASA of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties is teaming up with churches nationwide to support Stand Sunday, a day of prayer for children and families in foster care. Kristi Bauer, executive director of CASA, emphasizes the importance of community involvement in caring for these vulnerable children.

Addressing the Needs of Foster Children

With 187 children in the child welfare system in Bastrop County in 2022, CASA recognizes the challenges faced by children in foster care. Often separated from their families, they endure the risk of negative outcomes such as homelessness, substance use, and incarceration. CASA aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed in life.

Partnering with Faith Organizations

In addition to praying for these children and their families on Stand Sunday, CASA encourages faith organizations to collaborate by becoming CASA volunteers. These volunteers, appointed by a judge, advocate for the best interests of foster children, providing a consistent presence and evaluating their well-being.

Supporting Reunification and Adoption

CASA volunteers prioritize reuniting children with their parents when safe and possible. When reunification is not an option, they advocate for placement with other family members or loving adoptive families. They ensure that children in foster care have a strong support network throughout their journey.

A Call to Action for All

While Stand Sunday is sponsored by the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), CASA of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties invites everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, to support these children and families. They encourage individuals to consider becoming CASA volunteers and making a difference in the lives of foster children.

Become a CASA Volunteer Today

To learn more about becoming a CASA volunteer, call 512-409-0771 or visit www.BecomeACASA.org. The next CASA Volunteer Training will be held in January 2024. In conclusion, the collaboration between CASA of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties and churches in Stand Sunday demonstrates the power of community support for vulnerable children in foster care. By advocating for their best interests, CASA volunteers play a vital role in improving the lives of these children and ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive.

Impacting New Businesses in Texas

The collaboration between CASA of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties and churches for Stand Sunday offers a unique perspective on community engagement that can significantly impact new businesses in Texas.

Embracing Community Engagement

By observing how CASA and churches unite to support vulnerable children, new businesses can understand the power of community engagement. This can inspire them to actively participate in local initiatives, enhancing their brand image and fostering stronger community ties.
Supporting Local Causes
The focus on supporting local causes, such as foster care, can guide new businesses in their corporate social responsibility efforts. By supporting local causes, businesses can contribute positively to their communities and build goodwill.

Collaborating with Other Organizations

The partnership between CASA and faith organizations highlights the benefits of collaboration. New businesses can seek partnerships with other organizations to achieve common goals and increase their impact.

Recruiting Volunteers

The call for CASA volunteers shows how businesses can involve community members in their operations or initiatives. This can enhance community involvement and contribute to business success.


In conclusion, the collaboration between CASA of Bastrop, Fayette & Lee Counties and churches for Stand Sunday provides valuable insights for new businesses in Texas. By embracing community engagement, supporting local causes, collaborating with other organizations, and recruiting volunteers, these businesses can enhance their community impact and contribute to their success.
Story First Published Here: https://txbusinessdaily.com/stories/651326561-bastrop-chamber-of-commerce-announces-casa-of-bastrop-fayette-lee-counties-joins-churches-across-the-country-in-stand-sunday
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