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Australia and Indonesia Ink "Win-Win" Electric Vehicle Battery Deal, Analyst Opines

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Australia and Indonesia Sign "Win-Win" EV Battery Deal


Mining giants Australia and Indonesia have signed a "win-win" electric vehicle (EV) battery deal during Indonesian President Joko Widodo's state visit to Australia. The two countries discussed economic partnerships, including cooperation on EV batteries, business visas, and investment in the green economy. Sabrin Chowdhury, head of commodities analysis at BMI, states that Indonesia aims to develop its EV manufacturing industry and will benefit from the lithium and nickel supplied by Australia. Both countries are major players in the global EV battery supply chain.

Enhanced Cooperation and Trade

Australia's exports to Indonesia reached $14.6 billion in 2022, and two-way investment in minerals and mineral processing between the two countries has grown. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Western Australia have signed an Action Plan to bring both parties closer in the critical minerals sector. This partnership opens up opportunities for Australia as a lithium supplier and for Indonesia as a nickel supplier, both crucial components in EV production. Australian Ambassador to Canberra, Siswo Pramono, highlights the potential in the critical minerals sector for both countries.

Australia and Indonesia as Key EV Battery Suppliers

Australia is the world's largest supplier of lithium, while Indonesia boasts the world's largest nickel reserves and aims to become a key global EV battery supplier. Both metals are essential in the production of EV batteries. The demand for nickel is strong, and its price outlook is positive, benefiting Indonesia in the long term. While Australia could also establish its own manufacturing hub, there is enough demand for EV vehicles to support both countries. As major producers of nickel and lithium, Australia and Indonesia can coexist and cater to global EV battery demands.

Collaboration in Climate and Infrastructure

In addition to the EV battery deal, the two countries announced greater collaboration in climate and infrastructure. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced a $33 million investment to attract private climate finance in Southeast Asia's largest economy. With this investment, Australia and Indonesia aim to enhance cooperation in addressing climate change and developing sustainable infrastructure. In conclusion, the EV battery deal between Australia and Indonesia is a significant step toward strengthening economic partnerships and meeting the growing demand for EV batteries. With Australia as a major supplier of lithium and Indonesia as a nickel supplier, both countries can establish themselves as key players in the global EV battery supply chain. Additionally, collaboration in climate and infrastructure further promotes sustainable development and addresses climate change challenges.

Conclusion: An Opportunity for New Businesses in the EV Battery Industry

The recent EV battery deal between Australia and Indonesia opens up exciting opportunities for new businesses looking to enter the electric vehicle market. As Australia becomes a major supplier of lithium and Indonesia develops its EV manufacturing industry, the demand for EV batteries will continue to grow, creating a ripe market for entrepreneurs and startups. One potential avenue for new businesses is to focus on the extraction and processing of critical minerals like lithium and nickel. With Australia's expertise in lithium extraction and Indonesia's abundant nickel reserves, companies can establish themselves as key players in the global EV battery supply chain. Building partnerships with Australia's mining industry and leveraging Indonesia's nickel reserves can provide a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, there is room for new businesses to enter the EV battery manufacturing sector. While Australia has the potential to establish its own EV battery manufacturing hub, the increasing demand for EV vehicles globally suggests that there is ample space for both countries to thrive. New businesses that can utilize the available resources and leverage the partnership between Australia and Indonesia can position themselves as suppliers in the growing EV battery market. Furthermore, the collaboration in climate and infrastructure between the two countries presents an opportunity for businesses that focus on sustainable development and renewable energy solutions. As Australia invests in attracting private climate finance and both countries work towards addressing climate change, new businesses can capitalize on the demand for innovative green technologies and infrastructure solutions. In conclusion, the Australia-Indonesia EV battery deal not only benefits the two countries but also provides a fertile ground for new businesses to enter the EV battery industry. By focusing on critical minerals extraction, EV battery manufacturing, and sustainable development, entrepreneurs and startups can position themselves at the forefront of this thriving sector. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/05/australia-and-indonesia-have-signed-a-win-win-ev-battery-deal-analyst-says.html

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