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"Atlanta Braves: Team Shares Explained by Top Execs - A Tradable Stock Option"

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Atlanta Braves' Shares Now Available for Public Trading

The Opportunity for Fans to Become Owners

Atlanta Braves fans can now become stakeholders in their beloved baseball team. The franchise, which has won the World Series four times, recently became the only publicly-traded team in Major League Baseball. Under the ticker symbol BATRA, the Braves began trading on the Nasdaq after separating from Liberty Media Corp. This move not only allows fans to feel more connected to the team, but it also provides greater transparency and information flow regarding the Braves' performance and real estate opportunities at The Battery.

A New Era for the Braves

As Atlanta Brave Holdings, the team now includes its real estate development project, The Battery, along with Truist Park, its home stadium. Since the stock's first day of trading, it has experienced a slight dip of less than 1%, trading at around $44 per share. While the Braves have been associated with public companies for nearly 50 years, including Turner Broadcasting and Liberty Media, becoming an asset backed equity brings new insights into operating a business in the public sector.

The Concept of Tracking Stocks

The Braves' split from Liberty Media follows the trend of tracking stocks, where assets trade based on the financial performance of a specific business within a company. Liberty Media Formula One is a prime example of this type of stock. However, Atlanta Braves President and CEO Derek Schiller clarified that while the team can now be purchased as a whole by interested parties, the company currently has no intentions of pursuing such a deal. The Braves' profits will continue to be driven by on-field success and the success of their real estate ventures.

A Promising Future

According to Greg Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media, the financial results of the Braves have consistently improved. Increased fan attendance, better monetization opportunities, and successful real estate development have all contributed to the team's growth. While fans can now own a piece of the Braves, the franchise's focus remains on delivering a quality baseball experience and continuing to generate profits for its shareholders. As the only publicly-traded baseball team, the Braves are pioneering a new era in the sport and opening doors for fan involvement at a new level.

Conclusion: The New Era of Fan Ownership

The Atlanta Braves' decision to become the only publicly-traded team in Major League Baseball opens up exciting possibilities for fan involvement and creates a unique opportunity for new businesses to emulate this model. By allowing fans to become stakeholders in the franchise, the Braves are not only strengthening their bond with loyal supporters but also providing greater transparency and information flow regarding their performance and real estate ventures. The concept of tracking stocks, observable in the Braves' separation from Liberty Media, introduces a new insight into operating a business in the public sector. This innovative approach offers a blueprint for new businesses to explore asset-backed equity, granting investors the chance to own a piece of a particular business within a larger company. Moreover, the Braves' successful financial performance, driven by increased fan attendance, better monetization opportunities, and successful real estate development, serves as inspiration for new businesses looking to grow and diversify their revenue streams. By prioritizing on-field success and maintaining a focus on delivering quality experiences, businesses can follow the Braves' lead in ensuring profitability for their shareholders. With the Atlanta Braves leading the way as the pioneers of fan involvement at a new level, other businesses can now consider novel approaches to engage their customer base. By embracing transparency, creating new ownership options, and diversifying revenue streams, businesses can forge stronger connections with consumers while simultaneously driving financial success. Overall, the Braves' decision to go public marks a significant shift in the sports industry, providing a transformative example for new businesses seeking to engage their customers in innovative ways and secure profitable growth. Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/26/the-atlanta-braves-team-is-a-stock-you-can-buy-and-sell-top-execs-describe-what-moves-the-shares.html

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