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Arlington Chamber of Commerce Announces 14 Propositions to Amend Texas Constitution on November 7 Ballot

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14 Propositions to Amend the Texas Constitution: Your Voice Matters

The upcoming November 7 election in Texas holds significant importance, featuring 14 ballot propositions aiming to amend the Texas Constitution. As the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, we advocate for a pro-business environment and encourage you to vote YES on the following proposed constitutional amendments: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Early voting is open from October 23 to November 3, with Election Day on Tuesday, November 7.

Proposition 2 – Property Tax Exemption for Child Care Facilities

Proposition 2 aims to provide financial relief to childcare facilities by authorizing cities and counties to exempt them from property taxes. This support is crucial for these facilities, which play a vital role in supporting working families and the economy.

Proposition 4 – Property Tax Reforms

Proposition 4 offers potential relief from property taxes, including tax cuts for school districts and limits on property value increases. If approved, it could provide much-needed property tax relief for homeowners and businesses.

Proposition 5 – Texas University Fund

Proposition 5 seeks to rename and expand the National Research University Fund to the Texas University Fund. This fund will support research at state universities outside the UT and A&M systems, driving economic growth and boosting research efforts.

Proposition 6 – Texas Water Fund

The creation of a Texas water fund is proposed to finance water projects, addressing critical issues like aging infrastructure and water conservation. This fund is essential for securing a sustainable water supply for Texas.

Proposition 7 – Texas Energy Fund

Proposition 7 aims to create a Texas energy fund that supports the construction and maintenance of natural gas-fueled power plants, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply for the state.

Proposition 8 – Broadband Infrastructure Fund

Proposition 8 allocates funds to develop and finance broadband and telecommunications services, addressing the digital divide in Texas and expanding high-speed broadband access.

Proposition 9 – Teacher Retirement System Adjustment

Proposition 9 addresses cost-of-living adjustments for retired Texas teachers, providing much-needed raises to some retired teachers and addressing long-standing concerns.

Proposition 10 – Exemption for Medical Manufacturers

Proposition 10 proposes an exemption from property taxes for equipment and inventory held by medical or biomedical product manufacturers, strengthening the medical supply chain and supporting our economy. While the Arlington Chamber of Commerce has taken no stance on the remaining proposed constitutional amendments, we encourage each voter to be informed and exercise their right to vote. These propositions represent an opportunity for your voice to be heard. Shape the future of our community and Texas by participating in the elections. Remember, early voting is open from October 23 to November 3, and Election Day is on Tuesday, November 7. Make a difference in the future of Texas. Original source can be found [here](insert link).

Implications for New Businesses in Texas

The upcoming November 7 election, featuring 14 propositions to amend the Texas Constitution, could significantly impact new businesses in Texas. These propositions highlight key areas of potential change and growth in the state's regulatory and economic landscape.

Property Tax Reforms and Exemptions

Propositions 2 and 4, focusing on property tax exemptions and reforms, could offer financial relief to new businesses, making it more feasible for them to establish and grow their operations in Texas.

Investment in Infrastructure and Research

Propositions 5, 6, 7, and 8 propose investments in research, water projects, energy, and broadband infrastructure. These initiatives could foster a more conducive environment for business innovation and expansion, while addressing critical infrastructure needs.

Support for Key Sectors

Propositions 9 and 10, dealing with teacher retirement system adjustments and tax exemptions for medical manufacturers, underscore the state's commitment to supporting key sectors like education and healthcare. This could create a ripple effect, benefiting businesses operating in or servicing these sectors.


In conclusion, the upcoming election presents an opportunity for new businesses in Texas to shape their future. By staying informed and exercising their right to vote, they can play a part in creating a more conducive business environment in the state. Early voting is open from October 23 to November 3, and Election Day is on Tuesday, November 7. Make your voice heard and contribute to the future of Texas.
Story First Published Here: https://txbusinessdaily.com/stories/651326559-arlington-chamber-of-commerce-announces-the-14-propositions-amending-the-texas-constitution-on-the-november-7-ballot
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