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"Apple Reverses Course: 'End Call' Button Moved Back to Middle in Latest iPhone Beta"

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Apple Reverses Course: End Call Button Returns to Center in Latest iOS Beta

Reversal of User Interface Change

In Apple's latest iOS developer beta, the end call button has been moved back to the center of the screen, reversing a change that Apple had been considering over the summer. Previous beta versions of iOS 17 had relocated the "End Call" button to the lower right-hand corner, but the newest developer beta brings it back to its traditional position in the middle of the screen.

Developer Beta and Potential Changes

It's important to note that Apple's user interface change is currently only present in the developer beta, and it may not be the final design. The developer and public beta release programs allow software makers and early adopters to test the new iPhone operating system and provide feedback before its official release in the fall alongside new iPhones.

Revamping Call ID Function

The move of the end call button is part of Apple's revamp of its call ID function, introducing a new feature called "contact posters." This feature enables users to choose the photo that appears when they call another iPhone user. With the new photos taking up most of the screen during a phone call, Apple made the decision to relocate the buttons to the bottom for better accessibility.

Consideration of Ergonomics and User Experience

Apple has been exploring changes to enhance user experience and ergonomics. In the summer of 2021, they considered moving the URL bar in Safari to the bottom of the page, which would be more ergonomic for users with larger screens. However, some of these planned changes were rolled back, giving users the option to revert the URL bar back to the top. Apple has also made adjustments to the placement of push notifications, moving them to the bottom of the iPhone's screen in recent years. In summary, Apple's decision to move the end call button back to the center in the latest iOS beta showcases their commitment to refining user experience and incorporating user feedback. As the beta testing continues, it remains to be seen if this change will be implemented in the final release, but it demonstrates Apple's dedication to improving their products based on user needs.

Hot Take: Implications for New Businesses

Apple's decision to reverse course on the placement of the end call button in its latest iOS beta offers a significant lesson for new businesses. It underscores the importance of user feedback and the willingness to make changes based on that feedback, even if it means reversing a previously made decision.

Value of User Feedback

Apple's move to restore the end call button to its original position demonstrates the company's responsiveness to user feedback. This is a crucial takeaway for new businesses - the importance of listening to your customers and being flexible enough to adapt based on their feedback.

Importance of User Experience

Apple's consideration of ergonomics and user experience in their design changes highlights the importance of these factors in product design. New businesses should prioritize user experience in their product development process, ensuring that their products are not only functional but also comfortable and intuitive to use.

Willingness to Change

Lastly, Apple's willingness to reverse a previously made decision shows a commitment to delivering the best product possible, regardless of previous plans. This flexibility is a quality that new businesses should strive to emulate. In conclusion, Apple's latest move offers valuable insights for new businesses. The importance of user feedback, the prioritization of user experience, and the willingness to change course when necessary are all key takeaways that can guide new businesses towards success.
Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/15/apple-moves-iphone-end-call-button-back-to-middle-in-latest-beta.html
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