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"Adviser Warns Against Complacency Towards Volatility, Despite Potential Soft Landing for the Economy"

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Preparing for Volatility: Adviser's Warning Amidst Potential Soft Landing for the Economy

The Concept of a Soft Landing and the Risk of Complacency

After a year of recession predictions, experts are now embracing the idea of a "soft landing" for the economy. However, financial advisor Barry Glassman warns against complacency towards future stock market volatility. While a soft landing may be positive for investors, Glassman emphasizes the need to remain cautious.

Market Pricing and Potential Volatility

Glassman suggests that the soft landing scenario may already be factored into current market prices. However, any deviation from this scenario could lead to increased market volatility. It is crucial to recognize that the future is uncertain, and investors should not become complacent based on current expectations.

Building a Safety Net and Recession-Proofing Portfolios

Despite the possibility of a soft landing or avoiding a recession, Glassman advises against changing investment strategies. He emphasizes the importance of building a safety net and recession-proofing portfolios to withstand potential market fluctuations.

The Silver Lining: Getting Paid to Have Money on the Sidelines

While future volatility remains a possibility, Glassman highlights the current economic environment's silver lining for investors. After interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, investors now have competitive options for cash. This can be advantageous for emergencies or future investment opportunities during stock market downturns.

Competitive Options for Cash

Glassman points out that investors are now being rewarded for keeping money on the sidelines. High-yield savings accounts, one-year certificates of deposit, and Treasury bills offer attractive yields, providing opportunities for savers and conservative investors.

Seizing the Opportunity to Set Money Aside

Glassman encourages savers and conservative investors to take advantage of the current environment. Setting money aside during this time can be a wise decision as investors are finally being rewarded for their patience. In conclusion, despite the potential for a soft landing in the economy, it is crucial to remain vigilant and prepared for future stock market volatility. Building a safety net and taking advantage of competitive cash options can help investors navigate uncertain times and protect their portfolios.

Implications for New Businesses

The potential for a soft landing in the economy and the associated volatility warnings provide crucial insights for new businesses.

Understanding Market Volatility

The concept of a soft landing and the potential for increased market volatility underscore the importance of understanding market dynamics for new businesses. This knowledge can help businesses make informed decisions and navigate potential economic fluctuations.
Building Financial Resilience
Financial advisor Barry Glassman's advice on building a safety net and recession-proofing portfolios is equally applicable to new businesses. It is crucial for businesses to build financial resilience to withstand potential economic downturns and market volatility.

Capitalizing on Competitive Cash Options

The current economic environment offers competitive cash options, providing an opportunity for businesses to grow their savings and prepare for future investment opportunities. New businesses can benefit from these options, strengthening their financial position and enhancing their ability to seize new opportunities. In conclusion, the potential for a soft landing in the economy and the associated volatility warnings highlight the importance of understanding market dynamics, building financial resilience, and capitalizing on competitive cash options for new businesses. By taking these insights into account, new businesses can enhance their ability to navigate economic fluctuations and seize new opportunities.
Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/14/prepare-for-volatility-even-if-theres-a-soft-landing-for-the-economy.html Brought to you by ChatGPT for www.BusinessFormation.io

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