"5G Wireless Signals May be the Culprit Behind Summer Flight Delays, Urges Transportation Secretary Buttigieg"

Travelers beware - the summer of flight delays continues as 5G wireless signals now threaten to halt low-visibility landings for US planes that have not upgraded to new standards. Despite wireless companies delaying expansion near major US airports until July 2022, not all planes have been retrofitted. With over 51 million travelers expected this July 4th weekend, thousands of flights may be canceled or delayed as airlines scramble to upgrade radio altimeters, feared to be a risk for interference with 5G signals. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warns this coming Saturday will mark the biggest foreseeable problem affecting summer flight performance, urging airlines to complete necessary retrofits to mitigate the delays or cancellations.

The Impact of 5G Wireless Signals on Low-Visibility Landings and Flight Performance During the Summer of 2021

Airline travelers are experiencing an ongoing summer of flight delays due to 5G wireless signals that are interfering with low-visibility landings on US planes that have not undergone critical updates. Despite wireless companies postponing incubation in major U.S. airports until July 2022, not all airline planes have been retrofitted, leading to thousands of flight cancellations or delays. Reports show that airport delays due to thunderstorms last Sunday are only a prequel of what is to come as a result of the delays and cancellations that are expected over this coming July 4th weekend. Travelers are strongly advised to keep abreast of updates from their airlines, as the scheduling changes may differ from carrier to carrier.

An American Automobile Association forecast expects 51 million travelers this July 4th week, 4 million of whom travel by plane, resulting in an increase of 6.6% from the 2019 forecast. But the disruption this holiday weekend could cause significant losses to airlines, and travelers are warned about the possibility of a real risk of delays or cancellations. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg calls this Saturday a foreseeable problem to flight performance and urges U.S. airlines to finish necessary retrofits to mitigate delays and cancellations.

The retrofits are due to interference caused by 5G wireless signals, which have the potential to obstruct equipment on older airplanes, particularly radio altimeters, that measure an aircraft's height above ground. For this reason, U.S. planes that have not been retrofitted may not be allowed to land at some low-visibility conditions starting July 1. While over 80% of domestic planes have been upgraded to meet the new standards, international planes are lagging, and only 65% of them have been retrofitted. Several airlines, including Delta Airlines, admit that supply chain issues have hampered significant progress for particular fleets, indicating the likelihood of a potential delay in performing the necessary upgrades.

Summing it up

With the ongoing summer of flight delays affecting US airlines, travelers need to keep themselves informed of the latest updates from their carriers as scheduling changes may vary from airline to airline. Reports have shown that delays due to thunderstorms recently experienced at airports are not at the same level as the delays that travelers may encounter throughout the upcoming July 4th weekend, resulting in thousands of possible flight cancellations or delays. The retrofits brought on by 5G wireless signals present a crucial need for planes that have not been updated. Radio altimeters measuring an aircraft's height above ground remain at risk of interference from the 5G signals and may lead to delays or cancellations.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has warned that many planes have not undergone critical updates, creating unpredictable results. Delta Airlines has admitted that supply chain issues may hamper progress, indicating a possible delay in performing necessary upgrades. Buttigieg stresses the potential for a foreseeable problem in flight performance starting July 1, urging airlines to complete necessary retrofits to mitigate both delays and cancellations. Airlines facing possible delays and cancellations this coming weekend may incur significant losses, which further highlights the importance of acting promptly. By upgrading radio altimeters on their planes, airlines can avoid disruptions and restore confidence in the flying public.