Regarding legal concerns, the cost of legal services may be a big worry for anybody, whether an individual or a small company owner. This is especially true for individuals. Because traditional legal assistance may be rather expensive, it can be difficult for many people to get the aid of a lawyer when they want it. In situations like these, it is helpful to have access to an online legal service provider like Rocket Lawyer. Rocket Lawyer provides a selection of price plans aimed at lowering the overall cost of legal services and making them available to a more significant number of people. In this article, we will look into the pricing and plans offered by Rocket Lawyer, reviewing the numerous available alternatives and assisting you in making an educated decision about which option is best for you.

Introduction to Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service platform that provides a range of legal papers, information, and professional services. You may access Rocket Lawyer here. 2008, it was established to streamline legal procedures and make them cheaper for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and other small enterprises. The services provided by Rocket Lawyer include the generation of legal documents, the provision of legal advice, and access to a network of lawyers.

The Basics: Free vs. Premium

Rocket Lawyer has a tiered pricing system, with free and paid choices for users. Let's begin by taking a look at what you can obtain without spending any money:

1. Free Membership

  • Legal papers: Various legal documents, such as contracts, wills, and power of attorney forms, are accessible on Rocket Lawyer. Users may alter these papers to suit their requirements.
  • 30-Minute Consultation: You are entitled to a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney for any new legal case.

Even though the free membership has many valuable tools, knowing its restrictions is essential. Consider the premium plans if you want more thorough legal aid, particularly for complicated matters.

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2. Premium Membership

The "Premium" plan, often known as the premium membership at Rocket Lawyer, offers the following benefits:

  • Infinite Document Creation: For organizations or people who often require legal papers, premium members have the ability to produce an endless number of legal documents.
  • Legal Advice: Premium users get access to the network of lawyers at Rocket Lawyer. On legal issues, you may inquire and get advice.
  • Discounted Attorney Services: Discounted legal services are available to Premium Members via Rocket Lawyer. This covers both counsel and support with trickier legal matters.

Now, let's explore the pricing options for Rocket Lawyer's premium membership.

Premium Pricing Plans

Premium and Premium Plus are the two premium price tiers Rocket Lawyer offers. These programs accommodate various requirements and price ranges.

1. Premium Plan

Usually, the Premium plan is around $39.99 per month. With this strategy, you get:

  • Unlimited Document Production: As indicated, you can produce as many legal papers as you need.
  • Legal Advice: Availability of legal counsel from lawyers.
  • Discounted legal services: You'll have access to discounted legal services.

This plan is appropriate for people and small enterprises needing continuous legal assistance and document drafting.

2. Premium Plus Plan

The somewhat more expensive ($49.99 per month) Premium Plus package provides a broader choice of services. It contains:

  • All of the Premium Plan's features: All the benefits of the Premium plan are included in your subscription, including unlimited document production, legal counsel, and reduced legal services.
  • Incorporation services: Rocket Lawyer can assist you with incorporating your company, an essential service for business owners wishing to create a legal business organization.
  • Rapid document review: Attorneys will evaluate and comment on your papers more quickly.

Small company owners that wish to use Rocket Lawyer's incorporation services and want speedier legal document evaluations should choose the Premium Plus package.

Assessing Your Business Needs

It's essential to evaluate your unique company requirements before entering the range of services Rocket Lawyer provides. Here are some crucial things to remember:

1. Business Structure

Are you an LLC, company, partnership, or single proprietor? Your legal obligations and the services you need will depend on the sort of company structure you have.

2. Ongoing Legal Support

Do you need continuing legal assistance with contracts, workplace problems, or compliance issues? Some companies need ongoing legal counsel, while others may only require it occasionally.

3. Document Creation

Do you regularly need to provide legal documents? Businesses often require contracts, agreements, and other legal papers.

4. Industry-Specific Needs

Does your company work in a highly regulated field? Specific legal restrictions apply to some businesses, such as banking or healthcare.

Exploring Rocket Lawyer Services

You may investigate Rocket Lawyer's services to determine the best match after you are clear on your company's needs:

1. Legal Document Creation

Numerous legal papers that may be customized are offered by Rocket Lawyer. Using their web platform, you can construct whatever forms you need, including contracts, leases, employment agreements, and company forms. This service is perfect for companies needing a constant flow of legal papers but not continuous legal counsel.

2. Legal Advice

Rocket Lawyer gives companies with sporadic legal needs access to a network of lawyers. You may ask legal questions, get legal counsel, and comment on your legal issues with a premium membership. This service is appropriate for companies that don't need ongoing legal assistance but want qualified counsel when they do.

3. Attorney Services

Rocket Lawyer provides reduced legal services for premium members if your company needs counsel or has complicated legal challenges. Businesses dealing with litigation, mergers and acquisitions, or other complex legal issues should choose this option.

4. Business Formation

Rocket Lawyer provides company formation services for startups and business owners who want to create a legal business organization. They can assist you with procedures like forming your business or registering your LLC. In the beginning phases of a firm, this service is essential.

5. Compliance Assistance

Rocket Lawyer offers information and solutions to assist firms in remaining compliant with pertinent laws and regulations. This service is crucial for companies operating in highly regulated sectors or expanding into new locations with varied regulatory requirements.

Making the Right Choice

Take into account the following methods to discover Rocket Lawyer's best match for your company:

  • Decide what your company needs: Based on your company's structure, sector, and continuing legal assistance needs, precisely describe your legal requirements.
  • Review the offerings of Rocket Lawyer: Discover the services provided by Rocket Lawyer, including document production, legal counsel, attorney services, company development, and compliance support.
  • Select a membership package: Choose one that fits your budget and company requirements. Free and paid programs are also available from Rocket Lawyer.
  • Consult the professionals at Rocket Lawyer: Consider asking for advice from Rocket Lawyer's customer support team or legal professionals if you need clarification about which services are best for you.
  • Be adaptable: Your legal requirements might alter as your company grows. Be ready to modify your Rocket Lawyer services to reflect these changes.


Rocket Lawyer's adaptable pricing model accommodates a variety of legal demands and financial constraints. Rocket Lawyer provides a plan that may meet your needs, whether you're an individual wanting to draft a will or a small company owner requiring continuous legal assistance. The premium subscriptions provide a more extensive range of services, including limitless document generation, legal advice, and reduced attorney services. At the same time, the free membership only offers access to essential legal papers and a constrained consultation with an attorney. 

Your demands and tastes will ultimately determine whether you choose the Premium or Premium Plus package. Rocket Lawyer's pricing and plans work to close the accessibility and affordability gap, making it an attractive choice for anybody looking for practical and affordable legal solutions. Before choosing an option, evaluating your particular legal needs and selecting the strategy that most closely reflects your objectives is critical.